I first heard of Basenjis in college, watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on TV.  I was drawn to their smooth clean coat and moderate size - small enough to carry if needed but not a "little dog."  When I learned that they were not like other dogs and can be "difficult to train" I was even more intrigued!   "I'm up for the challenge!" I thought - and little did I know where that would lead me.

My first Basenji, Ciara, (Am/Can CH Ali'is Petite Syrah JC NA NAJ OAP OJP RA VB AOM OAC NJC NCC TN-E TG-E) earned 24 titles with me, mostly in agility where I was truly hooked.  Through her I got involved in several dog activities which led to incredible friendships all over the country. 

My second Basenji, Lucy, (Am/Can CH Jamaa-Tanza Makindu CGC RN NA NAC TG-N SC VB TN-N JOR CA RATN) taught me to be humble, and to remember that the dog has a choice too in what she enjoys doing - she preferred doing tricks, and lure coursing and racing - which introduced me to yet another world of activities and circle of friends.

It all started with wanting to have a dog, but 25 years later it's all about the relationships - friends I will have for life, and also the trust I build with each of my dogs that leads to the success we have in a variety of venues.

Breeding philosophy: 
First and foremost our dogs are our pets, and I'm committed to doing all that I can to produce dogs who will be healthy and sound for their families, including testing for Fanconi Syndrome, Hip and Elbow Displasia, Thyroid Disease, and Eye Diseases.
I've integrated a recent African Import into my litters not only to add genetic diversity to the overall gene pool, but because I love the temperament of "Naziki" in particular.  Go to my Links page for more information about the African Stock Project.
I personally like Basenjis who are a little naughty, a little pushy, and perhaps too clever because I find them fun to train for dog sports - but that also means they can be trouble to live with!  Be careful what you wish for, and bring your sense of humor!