BISS BIF GCH DC Emerant Makindu Heez Got Game,BN, RN,SC,CL1-F,GRC, SOR,ORC,CA,RATO,VB   (aka Nike)

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Nike has lived up to his sporting name, earning championships in conformation, lure coursing, straight line and oval track racing, plus beginning titles in obedience, agility, and barn hunt.  Heez a dog who seems able to excel at just about anything, including stealing things off of counters and opening cupboard doors.
Bred by Lisa Hart, Emerant Basenjis, he’s one of a litter of 6 – five of which have also earned multiple show and performance awards, all of them in the Top 10 on a national level at one time or another in various sports. Lisa bred her “Dora” to MaryK Quinnett’s  “Joe”  because she likes the way he thinks – and Nike is very much a thinker, puzzling through problems with persistence and determination.  Heez a pleasure to work with in obedience and agility, and delightfully frustrating when trying to keep him out of things at home